BAUMAN Aaron Robertさん
【Sep. 2016 ~ Aug. 2017 / International exchange Students Program】

I am Aaron Bauman. I studied at Nara University of Education from August 2016 to August 2017. I am currently a graduate student at Central Michigan University, studying Economics and Statistics. I am also obtaining a TESOL Certificate. In my spare time, I tutor students in many subjects, and assist with exchange students at my home university.

My study trip to Nara University of Education had a tremendous impact on my life, both academically and personally. I am a very shy person, and making mistakes was always embarrassing. However, when learning a new language, mistakes are often the best way to learn. I had to overcome my fear of mistakes in order to improve. I learned how to turn mistakes into a teacher that I could learn valuable lessons from. This is an important life skill outside of school as well.

My heart will always be in Nara. It is an amazing city full of history and life. The most precious memories, however, will be from joining the Kyudo Club. I was a beginner at Japanese, and very few of the members spoke English well, so communication was very difficult. It took a long time to overcome this difficulty and become a part of the group, but I was able to. They are still precious friends.


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